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Milk Jam Pâte sucrée

Pâte sucrée-tart dough is the core for these cookies. Milk jam is the French term for carmalized milk and is cooked with sugar to result in a "caramel-like" consistency and is the filling between the cookies. Brushed with an egg-wash and sprinkled with sanding sugar render an added sweet crunch.

Apricot Jam-Filled Linzer

We take two shortbread cookies, add a generous layer of our own apricot jam between them and sprinkle powdered sugar on the perimeter. It's a perfect combination of sweet and fruity flavors.


A French teacake that is also thought of as a cookie, madeleines are a buttery sponge cake that are baked in a hot oven for just 7 minutes. This baking technique creates crisp edges and a moist and tender crumb. A lemony glaze is applied as the finishing touch to these shell-shaped cookies.

Chocolate-Dipped Lavender Shortbread

A subtle hint of ground dried organic lavender adds the perfect touch to our classic shortbread dough. If you choose, we can finish off the shortbread cookie with a dipping of semi-sweet or white chocolate.

Chocolate Sable

Indulge your chocolate craving with our chocolate sable cookies. We grate our bittersweet chocolate to enable it to remain suspended in the dough during baking. You'll taste the chocolate in every bite.

Chocolate Chunk with Roasted Walnuts

The classic chocolate cookie with a twist. We take Belgium chocolate chunks, dust them in Dutch processed cocoa powder and add them to the batter. Whole roasted walnuts are cooled and chopped and flavor the cookie with an earthy nuance.

Classic Peanut Butter

Full of flavor from the first bite, we use roasted peanuts and all natural organic peanut butter. Then we complete our cookies with the traditional stamp pattern and sprinkle each with course sanding sugar.

Chocolate Molasses & Ginger

These soft and chewy cookies look as good as they taste. Made with ingredients that include Blackstrap Molasses, we combine chocolate chunks and a blend of ground cinnamon, ginger and cloves for a rich spicy flavor that's hard to resist.


We mix our brownie batter with three types of chocolate and combine organic, wholesome ingredients to create a delicious treat that is crunchy on top and chewy and moist in the middle.

Mission Fig Bars

Black dried mission figlets, cinnamon and cognac flavor our fig bars. The filling is cooked to a reduction and piped onto a sheet of dough then rolled, chilled again and cut into bars. These cookies offer an incredible depth of flavor with just the right amount of sweetness.

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