Meet our Baker & Confectioner, Lisa Adair Freitas

The Concept of Adair's  

“Listen to your gut,” is what I often say to myself about so many things in life. Embracing this mind set is what’s directed me toward opening Adair’s Desserts. Baking has been an ongoing passion of mine for many years. The enthusiasm and creativity that go into each dessert offered, guarantee a simplistic look with a touch of elegance, appropriate for any time of the day and any occasion.  


I have a made from scratch" fundamental approach that is nuanced with a French flair and so important to the heart of Adair’s Desserts. I truly believe that the organic, wholesome and locally sourced ingredients, fresh flavors and classic packaging will win your business and your loyalty. We will always strive to go above and beyond your expectations!

A little about me  


My background is in real estate and new construction. It was here the craving for creating happy memories really took off. My days were spent paring clients with their dream homes and making sure expectations were met in each phase of development. At night the kitchen was my playground, testing recipe after recipe to capture the exact flavors I envisioned. I soon became fanatical about creating the best possible version of a dish to ensure those enjoying it would be blown away. I've been called tenacious by some, and I take that as a compliment. I like to think of myself as a person following my passion for making someone's day better with an unforgettable dessert.

Our products are made from the finest ingredients that are organic and locally sourced whenever possible.


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